The Legacy of “Bucky” Fuller

R. Buckminster Fuller (July, 1895- July, 1983) was an American architect, systems theorist, writer, designer, inventor, philosopher, and futurist. But he called himself a “Geometer”.

If you know him at all, you probably remember him as the designer and inventor of the Geodesic Dome and the Dymaxion products. His friends affectionately called him “Bucky”.

I saw him speak at the College of Marin in the early 1970s. He was kinetic and spoke with an urgency and energy that commanded your attention. He seemingly leapt from tangent to tangent punctuating the segues with stories of what inspired his creative spark. I had just read one of his books entitled “I Seem To Be A Verb”. He lived up to the title.

During his lecture, he spoke of a theory that he had coined as “Emergence By Emergency”. His assertion was that things get invented by humans in societies because they have to be. Each successive generation builds its inventions only at the times that they are needed the most.

He cited his Geodesic Dome as one of these inventions. The world population was growing exponentially and would have to live SOMEWHERE. But wealth was not  equally accessible for all humans. Thus the pre-fab Dome was his answer.

What does all this have to do with Citizen Joy! You may ask.

We believe that we are standing at an inflection point in our history. If ever there was a time that required a reckoning of the benefits of living in a democracy, that time is now.

Thus Citizen Joy! emerged at a moment when it needed to emerge.

We hope that you too feel that urgency. We implore you to also be a Verb. What can you add to the creative expression of being joyful about Gratitude, Harmony and Agency?

Send us your links, your pics, or whatever you come up with to this blog, or on social media. Let all voices be heard!


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  1. Although Buckminster Fuller was a familiar name among my friends growing up in Berkeley, your post gave me a point of connection with him and his ideas. “Emergence By Emergency” seems to be all around us, with COVID and climate change and would-be dictators around the world. In fact, one of our Citizen Joy partners, Micheal Weiser, is working on a blog post about emergence from a traffic emergency.

    Jeff Raz

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