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  • Traffic is an Emergency

    Guest Blogger — Citizen Joy partner Micheal Weiser “Citizen Joy.” Both words give me warm feelings – “citizen” and “joy.” Once I heard there was a group to support citizen joy, I wanted to connect. In my 40-years of bringing humor and music to Chicago area hospitals and senior centers, I’ve found joy is readily available…

  • The Legacy of “Bucky” Fuller

    The Legacy of “Bucky” Fuller

    R. Buckminster Fuller, an innovative American architect, inventor, and philosopher, championed the concept “Emergence By Emergency,” influencing societal inventions through necessity, exemplified by his Geodesic Dome.

  • In the beginning,

    Citizen Joy! was conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all performers and artists had something to say about democracy. Jeff Raz is the founder of this project. YOU are the content contributors. Stand by for more exciting news in days ahead. Project launch date: 7/27/24 #citizenjoy

  • Coming Soon: More Joy